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Vintage wedding decorations can be show-stoppers as they create an awe-inspiring response from all the wedding guests. Not only is it easy on your budget but the timeless elegance and beauty of a vintage-themed backyard wedding is absolutely stunning! You can get started on some really fun, DIY projects to have your decorations on point. You can make use of many items already available in your backyard like twigs, tree trunk slices, bird nests, and many more.

Other vintage décor items may also include using cotton, burlap, wheat, twine, pine cones, dried flowers, fruits, hay bales, veggies and items like mason jars, vintage glasses and even bird cages! All you need is some creativity and imagination!

The following is a list of simple, fun and beautiful ideas for your perfect vintage backyard wedding:

1. Tie some flower buds to a lacy ribbon and sweep it delicately along the back of the seats for an elegant and feminine embellishment.


2. Make a homemade spread by putting together a garland of your favorite photos as a great way to decorate the space while remaining inside a budget. You can also set up your table with homemade dessert and mix and match the serving dishes, along with using linens which have been family heirlooms.


3. For a casual vintage look, you can tie the linen and cutlery in burlap and top it off with Kraft paper in order to personalize it a bit.



4. A vintage theme also calls for a table covered in a blue and white checked cloth with mason jars filled up with wild flowers.


5. A vintage theme will also be well suited with a more natural approach of exposed wooden tables, with a delicate runner on top. If you want to take the party indoors, there are myriad vintage-style interior decorations out there to help you draw some much-needed inspiration.


6. For a charming and subtle twist to your vintage backyard wedding, you can have a sunflower pomander dangle from the outdoor chandeliers.


7. Of course the cake has to be vintage themed too. Decorate a three-tier cake with some lace, cotton and pine cone to hit the sweet spot of all the viewers.


8. Another really creative and vintage idea would be to put up wooden signs leading the guests to the different locations of the wedding, for example the bar, food or the reception can all be listed on a wooden sign board.10-decor-ideas-wooden-sign


9. Taking advantage of the nature around you is a good idea. Use any cut tree stumps and top them off with a flower bouquet to add the perfect decoration touch to your wedding.


10. Use your partner’s favorite spot in the backyard as a photo booth and have a photo session there with all the guests to have the most perfect of memories.



About the author: Elisa Storey is an interior designer who’s followed her passion to the best of her ability. She is passionate about anything decor related, especially the vintage style. In her career she turned houses into homes, backyards into slices of heaven and weddings into dreams come true.

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