Fancy making a little Valentines gift….

If you would like to get a small gift for your partner this valentines but not sure what to get or would like to make a little something, this is perfect!

This is a delicious but simple chocolate treat…..I made this for my partner last year and will do the same again this year as we all loved it!!

Chocolate heart finished

You can use any chocolate you wish. I used 1 milk 100g bar and a white chocolate 100g bar (you can just have one in a bar and the other in buttons)

* Melt the bars individually (in a bowl over boiled water)
* Get a dish you can ‘pop’ chocolate out of or line with clingfilm (then its easy to release) this time I’ve used a silicone heart shape.
20160212_210605 * Pour part of the first chocolate (in my case this was ‘milk’) then pour part of second into the first, make swirls as you pour & then repeat until all chocolate in the dish but  DO NOT MIX WITH SPOON.
* Add chopped dried cranberries as you go (or nuts or as many things as you like)
20160212_210711 * Put in the fridge to set! (takes about an hour)
* When it’s set you can remove from dish and snap into odd shapes
* Pile up and add cellophane and / or ribbon to dress it up ~ (i didn’t get a chance to do this as we tucked in!)

20160212_220746 mmmmmm that’s it, it’s that easy ~ enjoy.

Month of Love
Andrea x

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