Keeping the Romance….

I hear from many married friends with the whole build up of the wedding, keeping busy, etc. that you can sometimes forget to stop and take a moment together. After the BIG day you have the honeymoon (often it’s not the day after and can be weeks or even months later)  but it should be something to look forward to.  You then return to your work / day-to-day jobs and couples often find this a comedown from the build-up of the wedding.  If you do feel like this, you’re not the first and definitely won’t be the last.



As you maybe aware, I’m not married but we are as good as married, engaged since 2009 and have 2 children together. Life flies by with day-to-day bits / work / children,  you kinda forget about the two of you as a couple. I remember the build-up before each child and then feeling overwhelmed for weeks after – living in our own bubble, it’s all similar to the build-up of the wedding.

However, every so often you need to make time! I know it’s harder said than done these days as we all have very busy lives.

my boys polzeath march2016
My boys enjoying the beach

Sunday – rest day.

My partner works really hard and had to work this Sunday ~ normally Sundays are our family day.  So….. I decided that I was going to cook roast lunch, wrap it up to keep warm while the children and I drove 20 minutes to meet their daddy for lunch (he thought we were just dropping a sandwich down).  Yes he was surprised and it was lovely. We sat at the garden table, the 4 of us, overlooking Polzeath beach. We enjoyed amazing views on a beautiful sunny day in March! He then had to finish his job so he returned to work. I, on the other hand, then enjoyed a couple of hours on the beach with my little boys and our dog.

new polz roast lunch
Not a great photo from my phone but glad we captured the moment!

What I’m saying is it’s the little things that count. You can always do a weekly date night and it doesn’t need to cost much.

Andrea x

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