Part 1: The Elixir of your Wedding Glow…”The Miracle of Water” Boys this is for you too!!

 “Pure Water is the world’s first and foremost medicine”
Slovakian proverb

“We forget that the Water Cycle and Life Cycle are one!”
Jacques Yves Cousteau

Water is the basis of all life and, most importantly, that includes our bodies. Our health is truly dependent on the water we drink. Also on the quality of the water.

This is the first, and I believe the most important first stop when writing my articles that make up ‘The Elixir to your Wedding Glow’. Water is simply the foundation that everything else I will be talking about in future posts is built and made of in essence.


Our muscles that move our body are 75% water, our lungs that provide us with oxygen are 90% water. Our blood which transports our nutrients is 82% water, our brain 76%, right down to our bones making up 25% and so it goes on. The innumerable benefits of drinking the transparent stuff cannot be denied.

So let’s look at the fun stuff water can do for us. Can water make us look younger and make us more beautiful? Leaving behind the expensive creams and beauty treatments, I can speak from personal experience on this subject. I am a huge advocate of the cold, wet stuff. For me, ensuring I am properly hydrated by drinking the correct amount of water has been a total life changer and there is NO WAY I would go back to the other side.


The claims are bold. Many people report staying adequately hydrated has improved their skin by 10 years giving them an enviable glow to which nothing can compare. I found within Just four days of drinking 2.5 litres per day my eyes started to sparkle, appearing clear and bright and already I started to receive compliments on my skin looking fresh, plump and glowing.

So why is this? How can water make theses changes already? Hydration promotes skin circulation at its base. This means if proper hydration is maintained this wonderful beauty benefit won’t decline. In fact it will build. A good friend of mine says to me “moisturise from within”. Do you know what? He is right… Apart from my twice a day coconut oil routine  (another future post).

kitchen tap with running water

Water is essential to maintain optimum skin moisture. Also it delivers essential nutrients to the skin cells. A magician at eliminating and preventing wrinkles, it increases skin elasticity, it replenishes tissue. Water is the perfect replacement for all of the creams on the market. We all know prevention is better than cure. I have been ensuring I remain properly hydrated for a long period of time now.

I have noticed, as I have mentioned previously, glistening, plump glowing skin, less water retention, my skin looks fresh when I wake up – that had been absent since I was at school. If, on the rare occasion, something upsets me the night before, I don’t wake up with snake eyes in the morning (or maybe that’s just something my sister and I suffer from). The small patch of eczema behind my my ears has totally gone and I have friends who suffer from other skin disorders claiming their skin conditions have improved or disappeared. This is super helpful for any of you with strapless dresses.


Water improves metabolic rate and the digestive system, flushing out toxins, so this also has an impact on our skin and clearly shows on the outside. Although I have noticed some other significant changes that to me are just as, if not more, important as the aesthetics. My focus has improved immensely. I realise dehydration leaves me feeling weak, grouchy and in a fuzz. I don’t suffer with my morning headache. I found that it was the norm for me to wake with a headache most mornings, I will also add sugar had a part to play there (again, another post).

Reaching for the Anadin Extra became part of my routine. So water became part of my morning routine instead. When I lapsed with this, boy did my body let me know, a few hours without my transparent Elixir and I would find the dogs’ drinking bowl looking appealing. Like an internal little alert, my body has become very efficient at letting me know when to top up. Or maybe I have learnt to listen to my body better and take better care of myself. I have also noticed I can run further on my 5am sessions and feel so much fresher.

water and lemon

So I’m sure you will all agree, how you feel on your wedding day is just as important as how you look. Staying pumped with water will ensure you feel great, alert and have optimum energy to sashay though your day with a beautiful glow. I also have noted if I’m stressed or don’t sleep well my body asks for more … and I listen.

So okay, I can hear most of you saying … Well, I tried, it but I kept having to go to the little girls’ room (or boys’) – just not practical with commitments of day to day stuff. Or some have tried it and, as with a lot of lifestyle changes, haven’t seen it through. This is how I have got around it … I drink a large amount of water when I wake whilst I am getting ready to run and then, when I’m back, and whilst I’m getting ready for the day. I time it accordingly with any commitments or trips I have … sorry Oakhampton services but I’d much rather give you a miss whilst I’m navigating between the counties. Also the Chinese seem to think that this cleanses the body first thing and, let’s face it chaps, they know a thing or two. However they can keep their deep-fried massive spiders for lunch, I’d rather garnish with some kale!

meal with a glass of water

So for those of you who have simply not seen it through, I would say get stuck in again and really notice the benefits, I’m not going to sugar coat it! Have some strength and self-discipline to keep at it. It’s worth it. My body soon adjusted to the change and my trips to the powder room soon decreased.

Water is made for us guys, right here on Planet Earth, and it’s free!!! Something that looks so simple, one of the softest things on the planet, tasteless (almost), transparent, odourless, that has strength to work its way though rock, put out fire and do so many wonderful things. Human beings haven’t managed to invent anything like water.

sign pointing to water

Proper hydration can change your game entirely folks. We need this stuff to survive and function at our optimum. So put down the cans of cola, squash, juice and drink what planet Earth has provided for you so generously. Know what it is like to feel really clean on the inside and perform at your optimum. Water doesn’t just help us to look a little better, clinical findings and studies have shown it has dramatic results on our appearance, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, adding shine to our hair, helping with mental health and feeling energetic and well.

Water is the driving force of nature… I will leave you with a well known quote ..

“Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water”
W H Auden.

Warmest wishes




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