Valentine’s day with a Nordic touch (with free gift!)

To quote George Elliot: “ I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved”

Welcome to all of you who are reading this and celebrating Valentine’s day in one way or another…


Firstly I’d like to remind you a little bit of what Valentine’s Day is all about, stepping away from the commercial element that seems to sometimes take over.

Birds-singingWhere to begin?

Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery … or misery for some! However, it’s believed on this part of Planet Earth that February 14th is the beginning of the bird’s mating season, bringing with it the beautiful morning bird song, the dawn chorus.

I’ve noticed the blackbirds have started singing again for the season, always a sign that spring is on its way. The world is waking up again after its long sleep through the winter. Even my Grandmother’s snow drops have started to peep up from the soil.

So, therefore, adding to the idea that Valentine’s Day should be a day of romance. If you’re not one for big gestures, and a more understated way is your scene, then maybe the Nordic way is something that might interest you, if so then read on…..


Ystävänpälivä or Friendship Day is what Valentine’s Day is about for the Nordes. We don’t go in for the whole romantic thing. In Finland, the Nordic way is to include all of your friends. It’s more of a friendship day about having fun and doing fun things. Less intense than some of the commercial traditions. This may well be a welcome relief if you’re thinking to yourself “jeez, how can I get out of this soppy rubbish? The missus or mister is all into this fluffy stuff and I just can’t stand it!!”

So, if this is the case, it could be time to show them the Nordic way. If they don’t like it? Then tough! Move on (thats the real Nordic way! … only joking, actually I’m not. But don’t forget to eat the chocolate present they have given you before they take it back). My ex boyfriend learnt this the hard way when he presented me with a soft toy holding a flake in its mouth, I thanked him, ate the flake, handed him back the stuffed pooch and shut the door.

We give small gifts to each other and celebrate with close ones. It’s also a fun way to spend the day, as we aren’t known for our romance. Bombing around paint-balling or wrapping up on a cold walk with a group of friends with a cosy log-fired pub, toasting hot cross buns is the end to the perfect Valentine’s day.

firewood fireplace

For me its all about the chocolate and the food, sugar-free naturally darlings!

Warmest wishes

Ottilia (Tilly)

P.s I lied about the free gift. I’m sorry, I just wanted you to read my post.



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