Wedding with a difference…

A wedding with a difference (and a budget)…. While I was mingling at a wedding fayre last weekend I got asked ‘what does quirky mean?‘ I simply explained it’s something a little different, unusual or unique! The lovely lady laughed and said ‘that’s me‘! The 3 off us just chuckled. She then carried on to tell us her son is due to marry later in the year but it’s a little different…. the bride-to-be does not want to be centre of attention as she’s very nervous!

They have booked a registry office to have the legal side done with only two guests each. (I have to say she was over-the-moon that she’s been invited to this small-scale ceremony to witness them becoming husband and wife).  The couple will then go their separate ways for the Hen & Stag do’s!!  A couple of weeks later they have planned a BIG PARTY…. for all they know; BUT there is no wedding dress / speeches / cake / arguments over limited numbers to the ceremony involved, as this will attract attention which is what the bride would like to avoid. The thought of having 100 faces staring at her just freaks her out but they will become Mr & Mrs in their own way.


I think their story is quirky and unique to them…. you make your day your own…. you don’t have to follow tradition, it’s about the two of you and making you happy!!

Andrea x

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